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Calling all experts in the field of Kids decor!!

I need your help!
I am in the process of updating all my room theme pages and to do this I need good informative material!

Here's where you come in.
I would ask you to please submit to me your

  • mural pictures,
  • paint color ideas,
  • articles,
  • articles about a mural you painted,
  • An article about a room you decorated,
  • mural ideas,
  • decor tips,
  • painting tips,
  • mural projects, (see the ones we already have..we need more)
  • art projects,
  • anything useful and relevant that you can think of (with pictures). I will include them in the relevant room theme pages with links back to your site for free!!

What do you get out of it?
By contributing to the content of this site you will benefit from FREE targeted, interested traffic directly to your site.

Not just any old traffic, but people looking for mural, art and children's decor.
Show off your expertise, gain further credibility!
When people see what you can do, the extent of your knowledge it will give them immediate confidence in you and your product or service.

I can't get all this good information by myself, so please send me your material and you can benefit from the increased visibility and traffic to your site.

I don't want Murals for kids rooms to be another site of boring text.
I want it to be a useful resource to people looking for information on decorating their children's rooms.

Take a look at the my first updated room theme (Underwater).
Can you add to it?
Now, click here to take a look at my other themes, they haven't been updated yet.
If you have something that fits these themes. SEND IT TO ME

Here is a link to my article submission guidelines. If in doubt, just email me ;-)

Click here to see some of our mural projects - we need more!


Lastly, would like to benefit still further from a higher profile in murals for kids rooms?

I am offering a generous 20% off the price of advertising when you order 3 or more months.

If you are a mural artist or illustrator I have even more to offer you.

If you buy some very affordable advertising space before the end of November 2007, and you will receive a further 30% off the price.

That makes a whapping 50% 0ff!!

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