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Princess Castle Wall Mural Idea

The Mural Inspiration?...
This Princess rug


Click here for details of how to buy this Princess Rug

The basic wall mural idea
Ask your mural artist to use your rug as inspiration for the wall mural, and paint elements from it around the room in matching colours.
For example take the simple shapes of the castle and have it painted above your child's bed.
The pumpkin carriage and horses would be nice too. Paint the little mice running along the skirting boards then pull the whole room together with the rug on the floor.
Click here to see details of this rug

Wall mural idea- The crown
Taking the crown shape as your guide, trace the design off the rug and transfer it to the wall. Above the bed would be good for this mural design. Give the whole crown a drop shadow as in the picture on the right.
Paint it in the colours as on the rug, and then here comes the fun bit. Collect buttons, metallic stars, glittery bits and pieces that you can find in craft shops or fabric shops.
Now with the help of your child, glue these treasures to the painted crown to give it that extra sparkle. A bit of glitter wouldn't go amiss either! Have fun.

Or try this crown which is a FREE downloadable e-mural.
Princess Crown Artwork

Wall mural idea- Floating stars
Around the rest of the room, why not try this simple but very effective idea?
Trompe l'oeil stars! Create an outline of your star shapes as on the right. Dot them all around your child's room.
Paint the shadow a pale grey and then fill in the stars with colours to match the rug.
It's a great effect... the stars look like they are floating and it's so simple.

Kids decor Idea- The wall colours
Painting idea for kids rooms. Use the colours from the rug to paint the walls. Perhaps paint each wall a different colour. Paint the lower half of the wall one of the colours and the top half white or one of the other colours. Paint a dado rail in one of these colours
Paint the skirting boards to match. If the colours are too strong for your liking, tone them down choosing a paler version of the same colour.
Below are 3 colour combinations you could use. Keep the darker of the two colours for the bottom half of the wall.




DIY wall mural
If you think you'd like to paint your kids' wall mural yourself, here is a guide on how to go about it.

You will need

  • Acrylic wall paint in the colours chosen from the rug. (Use tester pots or tubes of artists acrylic paints.)
  • White acrylic paint
  • Masking tape
  • Tracing paper
  • An overhead projector (optional)
  • Overhead projector transparent film.
  • White (PVA) glue or contact adhesive
  • Pretty buttons, stars, beads or any jewel-like bits that can be found in craft shops.

Lets Get Started

  1. Trace your chosen feature from this rug onto overhead transparent film.
    You may need the reduce the size of your initial tracing on a photocopier to be able to fit it onto a overhead transparency.

  2. Borrow or hire an overhead projector and project your design onto the wall where you can trace the outline.
    The crown shape is quite a simple shape, so you may be able to simply copy it onto some large paper and trace it onto the wall without the use of an overhead projector.

  3. When you have drawn your crown to your required size, trace it onto the wall, then move it down slightly and to one side and trace it again to form your drop shadow.
    Keep your lines a bit wobbly, this is part of the charm of the design.

  4. Paint the shadow in a pale grey, and then paint in the colours on the crown as in the rug.

  5. Follow the same process with the stars dotting them around the room.

  6. If you are doing the crown idea, glue glittery buttons, sequins, metallic stars and whatever treasures you can find onto the crown like precious jewels.
    This will be a fun project for your child to help you with.

Now you have the idea, you can use the same process for other elements in the rug which you could apply to other walls in the room.

Good luck, and if you do this design, please send me photos of it so I can include them in the website.
Click here to

After tracing the designs onto the paper, rub the back of the paper with a coloured chalk, charcoal or soft graphite pencil. When you draw over the design pressing onto the wall, the design will be transferred.

If you use a graphite pencil to draw the design on the wall, do it very lightly as it can show through the paint and be impossible to remove

Use tester pots of acrylic wall paint available form DIY and paint stores. They come in small quantities and are inexpensive.


The painted kid's wall mural

A glittering 3D crown


A room fit for a princess
(watch out for mice)


The 'floating stars' up close

The star outline