Paint by numbers mural
Princess Mural
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Princess mural

Flowers and ribbons, brightly painted banners, and tapestries adorn stone castle walls and provide the perfect backdrop for the ball gown in the corner.

Using an overhead projector enlarge the supplied transparencies onto the wall. Then simply...

  1. Trace
  2. Paint by numbers
  3. Outline

The projector gives you the freedom to make the mural as large or as small as you like, and the ability to move the design around the wall until you're happy with the position.

Good luck, and if you do this children' mural, please send me photos of it so I can include them in the website.
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If you use a graphite pencil to draw the design on the wall, do it very lighty as it can show through the paint and be impossible to remove. It is better to use a water soluble crayon or a coloured pencil in a colour similar to the final paint colour.


The Princess Castle Artwork

A Great Price
This delux kit contains includes a step-by-step instruction manual with decorating tips and painting techniques, and ten transparencies of mural artwork.($29.95)

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