Wall Mural Idea
Inspiration for this mural...?
This Jungle rug.

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The basic wall mural idea

Ask your mural artist to use your rug as inspiration for the wall mural, and paint elements from it around the room in matching colours.
For example take the simple shape of the giraffe. Paint two of them either side of the door for a big welcome.
How about making one into a height chart to mark the growth of your child?
Pull the whole design together with the rug on the floor.

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Wall mural idea- Giraffe welcome
Taking the giraffe shape as your guide, trace the design off the rug and enlarge it to the height of the door. Reverse one of the giraffes so that they face each other.
If you'd like to make one of the giraffes into a height chart, use a number template or number transfers to mark the centemetre divisions up the leg and neck of the giraffe.

Wall mural idea- Crazy birds
This design is very big and bold. For a more subtle effect make the birds much smaller and closer to life sized chickens.
By varying the position of the birds legs and painting some with open beaks you can make a crazy flock of jungle birds.
Have them flying up the wall away from the 'King of the jungle' on another wall for a bit of fun.

Kids decor Idea- The wall colours
Painting idea for kids rooms. Use the colours from the rug to paint the walls. Perhaps paint each wall a different colour. Paint the lower half of the wall one of the colours and the top half white or one of the other colours. Paint a dado rail in red or green and paint the skirting boards to match.
If the colours are too strong for your liking, tone them down choosing a paler version of the same colour.
Below are 3 colour combinations you could use. Keep the darker of the two colours for the bottom half of the wall.




DIY wall mural
If you think you'd like to paint your kids' wall mural yourself, here is a guide on how to go about it.

You will need

  • Acrylic wall paint in the colours chosen from the rug. (Use tester pots or tubes of artists acrylic paints.)
  • Masking tape
  • Tracing paper
  • An overhead projector (optional)
  • Overhead projector transparent film.
  • Paint brushes of various sizes

Lets Get Started
Unless you have a reasonable amount of artistic ability, I would suggest you make use of an overhead projector to enlarge the animals onto the wall.
If you don't want to paint them really big, just use a photocopier to obtain the required size.

  1. First, paint the walls in your chosen colours, a different one on each wall perhaps or choose on of the combinations shown above..
    If you find the colours in the picture too intense for your liking find a paler tone of the colour.

  2. Trace the animals from the rug onto either overhead transparent film or tracing paper.
    Project the designs onto the wall or use a photocopier to adjust the size of your tracings and make a number of copies.

  3. Work out a rough design on paper to decide where to position the animals. Project your image onto the wall and trace the design with a coloured crayon.

  4. If using photocopies, transfer the designs to the wall using either transfer paper or by first rubbing the back of the paper with a soft graphite pencil. When you draw over the lines with a ballpoint pen, the design will be transfered to the wall, but first tape all your photocopies to the wall and make sure you are happy with the layout.

  5. Paint the animals in colours to match the ones in the print.

  6. If you want to paint the 'crazy birds', simply change the leg positions of each bird, and have some with open beaks to create a variation.

Good luck, and if you paint any of these children's murals, please send me photos of it so I can include them in the website.
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After tracing the designs onto the paper, rub the back of the paper with a coloured chalk, charcoal or soft graphite pencil. When you draw over the design pressing onto the wall, the design will be transferred.

Use coloured crayons in colours similar to the final paint colour to mark the design on the wall. If you use a graphite pencil do it very lightly as it can show through the paint and be impossible to remove

Use tester pots of acrylic wall paint available form DIY and paint stores. They come in small quantities and are inexpensive.


The painted kid's wall murals

A big jungle welcome


I'm the king of the jungle!
(Crazy birds)


Birds having a laugh
(crazy birds)
A big bold room