Kids' Mural Idea
Farm Animal Mural

The Inspiration...? This rug

Click here for details of this and more kid's rugs'

The Basic Kids mural idea
Pick one of your childs' favourite animal designs on this rug and ask your mural artist to enlarge it onto the childs' wall. Paint the remaining animals in smaller squares around the room.
To keep it even simpler, choose one of the aniamls to paint above the bed, but leave out the smaller squares.
Pull the whole kids room theme together with the rug on the floor. Click here for details of this and more kid's rugs'

Child Mural Idea
Use the colours in the pictures to paint the other walls. Perhaps paint each wall a different colour. Tie the room together with the rug on the floor.

Child Mural Idea
Using the dotty patterned design square on the rug as a guide paint the lower half of the wall the same yellow/orange and dot on white blobs and smaller red spots to match the rug.
Paint your skirting boards the same blue as the rug and run a wooden rail dividing the wall into two and paint that the pink of the rug.

Child decor Idea
Use a co-ordinating wallpaper for the lower half of the wall instead of paint. Have a look at some of these wallpapers on the right which would go very nicely with the mural and rug.

DIY Mural
If you think you'd like to paint your kids' wall mural yourself, here is a guide on how to go about it.

You will need

  • Acrylic wall paint in the colours chosen from the posters. (Use tester pots)
  • White acrylic paint to dilute the colours
  • A small paint roller to fill in the bigger areas of paint
  • Masking tape to mask off your skirting boards
  • Tracing paper or overhead transparent film
  • Paint brushes
  • An overhead projector (optional)

Unless you have a reasonable amount of artistic ability, I would suggest you make use of an overhead projector to enlarge the animal onto the wall. You may be able to borrow or hire one.
Trace the chosen animal from the rug onto tracing paper and then reduce the size on a photocopier.
You can then retrace the design onto overhead transparent film and project the design onto the wall.
Play around with the size and position of the design using the overhead projector.
When you are happy with the layout trace the design onto the wall in chalk or a pale crayon.
Don't use a ruler when drawing and painting the coloured squares. Part of the charm of this design is the wobbly edges of the squares.

Paint the walls in matching colours, a different one on each wall perhaps, If you find the colours in the rug too intense for your liking, tone them down by mixing them with white emulsion paint.

Good luck, and if you do this design, please send me photos of it so I can include them in the website.
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If you use a graphite pencil to draw the design on the wall, do it very lighty as it can show through the paint and be impossible to remove. It is beeter to use a water soluble crayon or coloured pencil in a colour similar to the final paint colour.

Use tester pots of acrylic wall paint available form DIY and paint stores. They come in small quantities and are inexpensive. Mix them with white to create a subtle version of the colours in the posters.


The painted Children's mural

A close up view of the small squares. Note the wobbly edges. This is part of the charm of the design.

Wallpaper ideas


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To find each wallpaper, use their search facility inserting the pattern numbers shown below each picture.