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How to paint clouds, cloud mural, cloud wall mural, castle in the clouds mural, DIY cloud mural, do it yourself cloud mural
Castle in the clouds mural

Whatever the age of your child, you can't go wrong with clouds for a room theme.
Combine the dreamy quality of clouds with a magical castle and you have a mural fit for a Princess

How to do it.
You need to first decide on how you are going to paint your clouds.

You have two choices

A Cloudwash kit that not only teaches you how to paint clouds on walls, but contains the paints, video, gloves, cloths and tools to complete the project. Click here for instructions
How to paint clouds my way. Click here to see this simple process

How to do it.

  1. The Magic Mural Factory have this NEW concept in paint by numbers. Download the e-mural from their site (It's only $12!!) and includes all instructions, tips, ideas and pattern.

  2. Print out the paint by number image onto overhead projector film or plain paper.

  3. Plan the position of your castle, but don't trace it on the wall yet.
    Above her bed or over a chest of drawers would be a good place.

  4. Paint your cloudy background. Follow the instructions for painting your clouds covering your wall.
    Cloudwash kit
    My 'How to paint clouds'

  5. Once your paint is dry you can trace your castle onto the wall using a soft coloured pencil.

  6. If using a paper pattern, enlarge it on a photocopier to the size you require. (You may have to enlarge it in sections and tape the pieces together to make a good sized castle.)
    Then rub the back of your enlarged image with a soft colored pencil.

  7. Tape the image to the wall in the position you require.

  8. With a ball point pen draw over the lines which will transfer the design onto the wall.

  9. You may wish to use an overhead projector to enlarge your castle.
    If this is the case, trace out the castle onto an overhead transparency sheet and then project the image onto the wall to the size you require then trace the design onto the wall.

  10. Paint the castle in your chosen colours. Pastel pinks, purples and blues, as in the illustration above. You may like to keep the colours very pale for a romantic soft effect.

  11. When the castle is dry, apply the same cloud painting technique to the clouds in the front of the castle. Add a few more soft clouds over the castle to partly obscure it and make it appear to be sitting in the clouds. Voila!

Good luck, and if you paint this mural, please send me photos of it so I can include them in the website.
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