Create a interesting background to jazz up these pretty heart and butterfly wall cut outs

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Wallpaper Murals

Compass Babies cutouts
( Pattern No: 110079)
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Create a colour wash in a wavy line shape, then apply your butterfly and heart cutouts for a pretty floaty effect.


Alternatively, you could create a cloudy effect under the wavy line using the
Easy to use Cloud Painting Kit by Watercolor Walls

Each Cloudwash kit has everything you need included to paint clouds on your walls.
Come see some pictures

You will need
Wall cut outs
Decorators masking tape. (You can find various widths)
White or pale coloured blackboard chalk
Paint Brushes and rollers
Wall paint and/or A colour wash kit

Follow my direction on the right
Good luck, and if you use this technique, please send me photos of it so I can include them in the website.
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Create the colour wash background using one of these colours from Colorwash walls.

Princess Pink
The perfect pink. It's the color every little girl loves. Her tutu is pink, her PJ's are pink, her quilt is pink and you better believe she wants a perfect pink for her walls. Well here it is! Princess Pink in all its pinknees.

Cloudy Blue
This color is interesting because it has a warm under tone to it. It is not a powder or sky blue and asks for a second look. Great color for sunny rooms, kids rooms or bathrooms

Sage Was Here
A friendly sage green tone. Works well in rooms with less light or if you want to bring the feeling of the great outdoors inside. A fine green for the whole room.

Old Blue Jeans
The lighter tones have the look of worn denim. Great as an accent wall color or to pick up blues in curtains, furniture or linens.


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Use chalk to mark your wavy line on the wall. You can easily wipe it off and redraw it until you are satisfied with the design

Keep your waves gentle so that the tape will be easy to bend.

It is very important that you allow the paint to dry thoroughly before applying your stickers. It may seem that the paint is dry on the surface, but underneath it may still be wet. Wait 3-5 days to be absolutely sure. If the paint is not dry, your stickers will fall off.

To make a wavy line

1.Draw gentle curves lightly on the wall with chalk. You can wipe away the chalk if you don't like the layout and redraw until you are happy.Don't make the curves too tight as it will be difficult to bend the tape to shape.


2.Begin sticking the tape to the wall following your lines and coaxing the tape gently into shape around the curves.

3. Where there are little creases in the tape, flatten them down to stop paint from seeping under the tape

4. Now create a colour wash or cloud effect in your chosen colours, following the siple instructions included with the kit.

Always wipe the paint away from the masking tape rather than into it and avoid having paint bleeding underneath the tape.

Have a look at some of the colours on the left. These would look lovely with the heart and butterfly cut outs.


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5. Allow the paint to dry before gently removing the tape to reveal the wavy line.

Alternatively, you could also paint another co-ordinating colour above your tape. When you remove the tape you will have a thin line dividing the two colours. Use wider tape for a wider line.

6. Now take your butterfly and heart cutouts and apply the butterflies to the high and low points of the line. Arrange the hearts and flowers in a pleasing group to create a focal point above the head of the bed/crib or other area you may like to highlight.

You're done!
Stand back and admire.

Impressive isn't it?