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Bird mural, bird chalkboard, bird blackboard, lovebird chalkboard
Chalkboard murals
Love Birds chalkboard
A delightful addition to a little girls room. Paint it on the back of a door or anywhere she might like to draw.
Add a little hook next to it to hang a bag of chalk.

To paint this simple Lovebird chalkboard

You will need
Blackboard (chalk board paint) Color- green
(or make your own pink paint using the chalkboard paint recipe at the bottom of the page)
Artists acrylic paints (red, pink, blue, white, black, yellow)
Paint brushes of various sizes

How to do it.
  1. To get the pattern- Click here for an outline image of the Love Birds

  2. Print out the image and enlarge it on a photocopier to the size you require.
    You may have to enlarge it in sections and tape the pieces together to make a good sized board.

  3. Rub the back of your enlarged image with a soft colored pencil.

  4. Tape the image to the wall in the position you require (not too high, so your child can reach to draw on it)

  5. With a ball point pen draw over the lines which will transfer the design onto the wall.

  6. Paint the birds in the pink and blue.

  7. Add a bit of white to your blue and pink to create various tones to paint the little hearts on the birds heads.

  8. Paint in the eyes, yellow and black

  9. With a fine brush paint in the stalks of the heart flowers.

  10. Paint the beaks red

  11. Lastly, paint in the chalkboard with the green chalk board paint.(Or your own pink paint following the recipe in the link below)
    If necessary apply a second coat once the first coat is dry.

  12. Allow the paint to dry thoroughly.
Make a chalkboard in any color you like by following this chalk board recipe - Here's how

All you need now is a bit of chalk and your child can get scribbling!

Copyright By Fiona Paterson 2005-2006. All rights reserved.