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Wallpaper murals are always a cost effective way of decorating a child's room. There are endless subjects to choose from for every interest and can be less expensive than a handpainted mural.

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 Murals Your Way


Prefered suppliers

 Bright Star Kids Wall Stickers - Decorate your kids rooms in minutes with our fantastic range of removable wall stickers, that will brighten up any room.
Wall Stickers

Visit Create-a-Mural.com An original and charming selection of wallpaper murals to create a magical childs' room. Create-a-Mural have created Room in a box. The kit includes a 'mural', wall stickers, 'Iron on' decals for fabric, and decoupage papers' to add to the furniture.
Wall Mural stickers

Dreamtime Wall murals in a kit! - their designs or yours.
Be inspired by their vibrant designs, or have your own child's drawing or special photo made into a mural. Easy to install within a day.
Wallpaper murals

Presto Chango Decor
Children's removable wall murals and wall stickers. Just peel and stick to any smooth wall surface.



The Magic Mural factory 'Do it yourself' children's murals include Sticker murals, Paint by number murals Stencil murals & Cloud Painting Kits.
Which ever you choose, you'll find their murals fun and easy to do and the results - Magical!
Mural stickers

Murals Your Way- An enormous collection of wallpaper murals including the production of murals from your photos. Click here for their home page.

Kid's Decor - Baby and Children's Furniture and Room Decor. - Kid's Decor offers an extraordinary selection of baby and children's furniture, kid's fun furniture, baby bedding, kid's bedding, lamps, rugs and over 2000 wall art designs.

FunDecorForKids.com offers unique wall murals, wall stickers and borders for decorating any child's bedroom or playroom.
The murals are fun, easy to do and these children's murals will allow your child to have the coolest room around.

Walls of the wild - Create impressive wall decorations in minutes A lovely selection of animal themed wall murals.You can arrange these animals how you like and create a truly 'wild' room for your child.

Wallsdecor- Wallpaper murals & posters that you can either hang like traditional wallpaper or frame like artwork
Display Digital Photos on Walls For poster printing or wall murals, YottaPrint lets you display any photo as a wall covering with amazing results. Images enlarged with Imagener to preserve image quality after enlargement. CLICK HERE Wall Murals Information

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 Bright Star Kids