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Under the Sea
and wall ar

Children's handpainted wall murals

Look what these murals artists did with the underwater theme

Click images for details

This mural was painted in the bedroom for a baby-to-be. Bright and cheerful - with much to look at. The clients say they sit in there and it makes them smile!
Click the image for more details

More children's Mural artists

Look at posters, rugs and sculptures for inspiration and style for childrens murals. A poster could have elements that could be translated into a wonderful handpainted kid's wall mural.


DIY children's murals (Do it yourself)

Fancy having a go yourself?
Take a look at these children's paint by number murals.
Simple, charmng and easy to do


Click the images to see the DIY designs underwater mural whales

WallNutz Paint By Number Mural Kits
Paint by numbers

WallNutz Paint By Number Mural Kits
Paint by numbers

More children's DIY mural suppliers

See how you can easily create a mural yourself using a paint by number kit

paint by number mural


'HOW TO' create an underwater paint effect

THAT Painter Lady
Debra Conrad shows us how to paint an underwater paint effect

or try this underwater paint effect
underwater mural underwater paint effect

How to paint un underwater effect from
Creative Evolution


Wall Sticker murals for instant decor


  Visit Create-a-Mural.com to see these wall mural stickers



Stickers and Growth chart from 'Fun toSee'
96 Giant Room Stickers.
It's so easy& Peel each sticker from the set and apply wherever you wish to create your Undersea Adventure mural.

A underwater themed height chart

makes a perfect addition for every nursery and child's room.
A work of art which will be forever treasured.
Take it with you if you move and keep a permanent record of your child's growth!


Removable Wall stickers

 Bright Star Kids


Pre-pasted wall mural

Bring the sea to any room! Printed on heavyweight billboard stock, this pre-pasted wall mural is beautiful to look at and it hangs like a dream. Will transform any room in your home. Comes in four individual panels. 6'W x 4.5'H.
 Dolphins Wall Mural


More wallpaper mural suppliers

Wall Art (Posters and Prints)

Look at posters for inspiration and style for a children's mural. A poster could be the starting point of your child's wall mural.

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Underwater Splendor III
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Seahorses` Haven
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Anemone Clown Fish
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Tropical Fish II
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Starry Seas
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Sea Lions
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Seafriends - Seahorse
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Clowning Around
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Rainbow Fish and Friends
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More kid's poster and print suppliers

Wall Art (Tapestries, Wall Hangings and Rugs)


 Underwater area rug

Rugs make suberb wall art or use them as inspiration for a painted wall mural.

Imagine this fun design above your child's bed

Complimentary underwater room decor ideas


 Shark Bean Bag Chair



Under the sea bedding set



What color could we choose to paint an underwater themed room?

Blues and greens are the obvious choice for underwater, rooms.

Blue is a cool color, which has the effect of making a wall look bigger

Darker shades would work best on one feature wall as most people are more comfortable with light-to-medium shades.But don't choose a color thats so pale it looks like white when its on the walls.

Try a medium-light blue, like Behrs Clearwater (530C-2) or Maiden Voyage (530D-4).