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Pirate Wall Murals

and Wall art
The following selections will help you to decide on the look or style of the wall mural that your child would like for his/her room or even take you directly to a ready to go option.

Look at posters, rugs and sculptures for inspiration and style. A poster could have elements that could be translated into a wonderful handpainted kid's wall mural.


  • Children's handpainted wall murals and canvas wall murals
Designs by DJ

Click here for a list of childrens mural artists


  • Wallpaper murals
    Below are some suppliers who have Pirate themed wallpapers.

Click on the links to go to their easy to use search facility or direct to the 'Pirate' store

 Click here to search for Pirate themed wall murals from 300,000 Wallpaper Patterns Online
Click here to see this Pirate Ship Border
 Click here to search for Pirate themed wall murals from 300,000 Wallpaper Patterns Online

Click here for this Pirate wallpaper mural from Creative Wallcovering


Click here to see more more of this extensive range from
Creative Wallcovering

A unique online catalog of Childrens, Trendy, Traditional, Victorian & Modern Wallcoverings, Murals & Borders Use their search facility to see the pirate selection.
Click here to see Dreamtime Wall murals in a kit! - this space murals can be found in their kid's section.

Click here to see a list of other Wallpaper suppliers


  • Wall art

    This engaging, top quality personalised canvas reproduction is glass-free so nothing breaks in your child's bedroom or playroom. This piece is stretched over wood bars and equipped with a wire hanger on back for wall display.

    Find this in the 'Original, handpainted & personalised wallhanging' section from
    The Well Appointed House  
    Click here for their Children's Wall Art


  • DIY
    Fancy having a go yourself?
    Take a look at this. Simple, charmng and easy to do.

    have this clever idea.
    Room in a box
    The kit includes a Wallpaper mural, Wall stickers, Iron on decals to place on fabric, and Decoupage papers' to add to furniture.

    Click here for a list of DIY suppliers


  • Wall Art (Posters)
    Below are some unusual ideas that might just make a fantastic focal point in your child's room.
    The suppliers often have a lot more than I can show here, so I have chosen some that I think stand out.


This store brought to you by
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S`en Fout la Mort
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Les Trois FrC(res
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Pirates of the Caribbean
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Boarding the Pirate Ship
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  • Below are more poster and print suppliers. Have a look at their ranges.
    There is bound to be something that appeals to your child.
Click here to see Allposters Pirate selection
 Click here to search for Pirate themes and Find great values on Wall Art at Wards.com!
Click here to search for Pirate prints in this  Decorative art selection

Click here to see a list of childrens wall art (print) suppliers


  • Wall Art (Tapestry and rugs)

    Rugs make suberb wall art or use them as inspiration for a painted wall mural. There are such lovely designs out there it's sometimes a shame to walk on them! Hang them up for a truly original kid's room!

Click here to see a list of other tapestry suppliers.
From this list you can search their sites for Pirate themes


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