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An example of a mural artist's Terms and Conditions
This example serves only to give you an idea of how a kid's mural artist might work, and what to expect as far as payment goes.
It is by no means how every mural artist works, so PLEASE ask your supplier for his or her Terms and Conditions

Commissioning kid's Wall Murals

Firstly call me
We can discuss any ideas you might have and if you wish make arrangements to proceed.

Next arrange a meeting and consultation
We will meet at the place you would like your child's mural is to be painted. I will bring samples my previous work and often some reference material of anything I may feel relevant to the ideas we may have already discussed.
We can then discuss your kid's mural further, and I may make some rudimentary sketches.

There is no charge at this stage, and if you are happy to do so we can carry on to the next step&

The design and quotation
I then produce some rough preliminary layouts and a quotation for your approval.
This stage could take a few weeks depending on the design and my available time.

Usually further development of the designs will be necessary. At this stage I will require a sketch fee of 10% of the total which will be included in the total cost of the job once approved but is non-refundable should you choose not to continue.
Any major changes to the design may need to be re-quoted.

Moving on
When you are happy with the design and wish to proceed we will arrange a mutually convenient start date.

At this stage I will require a deposit of 30% total value non-refundable retaining fee to book my time and allow for expenses when purchasing any materials for the job.

Next the exciting part
Your mural is painted.

Finally - Payment
The final balance of the contract value is payable in full on completion of the mural.

(Please note, stage payments may be requested should a) the work be of a substantial size, b) work be slowed by circumstances that are out of our control c) there be changes to the agreed specification.)

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