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A mural in one to two days

A children's mural in 2 days
The key to achieving this is in the planning
If you want to complete your child's room in ONE DAY,
skip the painting part and jump to

Click for more info Click for more info Click for more info Space sticker mural Click for more info

Choose your children's wall stickers
Click on the images above to see more info where to buy these stickers
and have them ready.
(There's are more links below to some great wall stickers and mural sticker suppliers)

Plan the position
Where are you going to arrange the stickers?
Click here for ideas on positioning your child's sticker mural

Have everything ready
If your budget allows have other coordinating items 'at the ready'. For example a rug, bedding, framed wall art, wall-hanging, growth chart, name plaque, bedside lamp, anything you might like to incorporate into your child's room.

If you want to complete your child's room in ONE DAY,
skip the painting part and jump to

Get a baby sitter!
Ready,steady, GO!

A simple paint idea

If you want to paint the room save time by painting it in a similar colour to the original paint to avoid having to do 2 coats of paint for a change of colour.
If the paint-work is in reasonable condition, just paint the lower half of the wall in a co-ordinating colour, or paint one wall a new colour to match your stickers.
Paint a simple wavy line (Click here to see how) freehand or with masking tape that will bend into shape like in the picture of the room above .

Make sure that your paint is well dry before applying the stickers.
Note: It is advisable to allow your paint to dry and cure for 5 days before applying stickers. (They are likely not to stick if you don't!)

Get sticking
Position your chosen mural stickers around your child's room.
If you choose smaller wall stickers try to group them and make a focal point rather than spreading them thinly around the room where they will lose impact.
The beauty of most of these wall stickers is that you can re-position them if you are not happy with the arrangement
Choose a wall above the bed or crib, around a window, shelf, clock, framed picture.or any feature that might exist in your child's room.

You have all your accessories ready,
so get that bed made up with the new bedding, hang up the wall art, lay the kid's rug, plug in the lamp, hang your child's name plaque on the door.
You're done!


Children will not remember if every line was straight or not,
but they will remember that you thought that they were special enough to create a special place for them to grow up in-

Camille Apicella


Do you have a quick and easy DIY mural product?
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