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DIY Kid's Murals

Paint your own child's wall mural with professional results.
There are a number of helpful options available to help you create beautiful results even if you're not a Michaelangelo!
Need some DIY mural ideas? Click here
Paint by Number kits

Room in a box.

Paint your own clouds
Sticker murals(arrange them creatively as you like)



Below are ideas, and suppliers of a number of wonderful products to help you produce a truly professional look to your child's mural

Click here to see how simple it is to do

Creative For Kids Theme Room Mural Kits create not only fantastic murals, but empower you with information to create a "themed" environment!

The kit includes step by step, paint-by-number instructions, and professional quality artwork. With our easy-to-use kits, you can create an amazing space in just a weekend!

do-it-yourself paint by number mural kits WallNutz Paint By Number Mural Kits
Simple, charming and easy to do
Click for a demo

A collection of lovely paint by number murals to suit Amateur, Professional and "Wannabe" artists with a passion for creative painting and decorating. Check out the wide selection, and create a beautiful mural to enjoy for years to come.


 The Stencil Library  Click here for their stencil catalogue.
Offering the finest in pre-cut stencils, lettering, and accessories since 1992.

Jan Dressler Stencils

Stencils to create your own personal mural. The most realistic stencils available for creating your own marvelous murals. Choose from western, equestrian, jungle, garden, and many more. Kits available that contain everything you need including instructions. Videos, paints and brushes.

Little Monkey Murals Little Monkeys produce a lovely range of Make a Mural stencils

Natural Accents Stencils

Natural Accents Stencils
Your murals will come alive with the unexpected and whimsical beauty of our newest designs!



Create-a-mural have come up with this excellent idea of Room in a box.
Create a beautiful room with this complete room decorating system.
The kit includes a 'mural' as the rooms focal point, wall stickers to carry the theme around the room, 'Iron on' decals to place the design on fabric, and decoupage papers' to add to the furniture.
Visit this site to see a great way to decorate your childrens walls. Perfect for childcare centers, doctor's offices, bedrooms, and playrooms!
Clouds logo

Easy to use Cloud Painting Kit by Watercolor Walls
Each Cloudwash kit has everything you need included to paint clouds on your walls.
Including the Blue Colorwash for the background, The Cloudy White Paint for the clouds, a step by step video and all the cloths, gloves and patterns you need. All you need is a plain white wall and the inspiration to change it. Come see some pictures




















Need some mural inspiration?
Take a look at my free design ideas.
Designs to tie your whole kid's room decor together.
Inspiration taken from kid's rugs, posters and bedlinen can help to tie your childs' theme together and you can have the satisfaction of producing your own original kid's wall mural.

Feel free to copy the ideas or merely use the concept to inspire your own ideas.

Click here for my Mural Design Ideas and Inspiration

Can't find the inspiration you are looking for?
Is there any particular theme and mural idea for your child's room you would like to see here?
Let me help you out. FREE If beneficial to my site, I will come up with an idea which I can mail to you and add to this list.












Short of time?
Even in one to two days you can create a magical room for your child to grow up in.
What you need is something Quick and Easy, No mess, No fuss!

Click here for Quick children's DIY mural ideas



Painted Clouds Go With Everything

Whether your baby has hand me downs from an older sibling or a brand new everything, Clouds go with everything. If you have a little boy and sailboats are your theme, include some sailboat shaped clouds floating over a puffy white cumulonimbus on it way to dream land.

Painted clouds create a feeling of whimsy and make a lofty addition to any room. You can build clouds on an accent wall, above a chair rail, on the ceiling or all over the room. The look is timeless and fits every childs room.
The Cloudwash kit by Watercolor Walls has everything you need to complete your dream room. All you need is a white wall and some inspiration.

Come See Pictures of our Cloud Painted rooms.











Whatever the age of your child, you can't go wrong with clouds for a room theme.
You can even create some of your child's favourite shapes in the clouds.

Look at how to create cloud shapes


Arts and craft supplies
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DIY Mural Books
Click here to look at this list of beautiful mural books designed to help you paint your own wall murals.
If you are anything like me you'll want all of them! What a choice to have to make!




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Do you have a DIY mural product that you think we would find useful?