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DIY Murals, paint by number murals, painting murals, Do it yourself murals, Paint-by-number murals
Don't be scared to paint a mural when you can use a

These 'do it yourself' mural kits are so easy to use that you need no artistic skill to create an impressive mural that will delight your child and impress your friends for the fraction of the price of a professional mural artist..

There are two Paint by numbers methods

Overhead projector murals- You enlarge the supplied transparencies onto the wall with the use of an overhead projector.
The overhead projector system gives you the freedom to make the mural as large or as small as you like, and the ability to move the design around the wall until you're happy with the position.

Place the design on the projector. Project to size.
Trace the image onto your wall
Paint and enjoy


Transfer paper murals- Tape the design pattern to the wall with the supplied transfer paper. Trace and paint following the paint color guide supplied.

Tape pattern to wall. Trace over with a ballpoint pen.
Paint by number


Take a look at a few selected murals from these suppliers.
Go to their websites to see more designs

Overhead projector designs

Jungle mural
Animal mural
Princess Mural

The artwork comes on an overhead transparency like this for one for example

Standard and Delux kits.
The delux kit includes a step-by-step instruction manual, decorating tips, painting techniques and ten transparencies of mural artwork

The standard Decorating Kit
includes a step-by-step instruction manual, decorating tips, painting techniques and five transparencies of mural artwork.

There are plenty more Paint by number murals to choose from


Transfer paper pattern designs

cowboy mural

garden mural

Cowboy murals
Garden murals
Princess mural
Princess Wall mural
Happily Ever after
Princess Bedhugger

Many of Magic Mural Factory murals can be personalised with your child's name
There are plenty more Paint by number designs to choose from The Magic Mural Factory

Click here to see the entire range of Paint by numbers murals

More Transfer paper pattern designs

Farm animal mural
Cowboy Paint by numbers mural
Seaside mural
Noah paint by numbers mural


Click here to see more WallNutz Paint By Number Mural design Kits

Click to see the detailed instructions.


Click here for a list of other 'Paint by number' suppliers

Paint by number murals
at the

Paint by number mural designs