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Hand Painted Chandeliers & Lamps

Oh my!
One of my specialties as an artist is children's painted furniture and accessories.
I love planning whole room themes for children and find that one of the biggest impacts
in a room is in the accessories.
It is amazing what the "little" decorative touches can accomplish to pull a room together.

One of the most important elements in any room design is lighting.
In decorative terms, lamps and chandeliers can add warmth, color, design and fun to a child's room.

Hand Painted Lamps and Shades~ So fun and creative!
You can let your imagination go with these!
If you already have a lamp base and wish to decorate the shade, look for shades that can be decorated or painted. These would include silk shades or shades specifically made to be painted on.

Lamp shades may be painted with artist's acrylic or craft paints.
Take care when painting on silk shades as the paint may bleed. Try using just a little water with your acrylics to prevent this happening.

Beautiful effects may be achieved by using more water for washes of color.
It's also fun to add trim, ribbon, lace, beaded trim and jewels!

When painting and decorating your shades be sure to pick up colors from existing colors
in the room. Since these are decorative accessories you may be bolder with your color choices.

Lamp bases can be picked up at garage sales, antiques stores or department stores
and can also be painted.


If painting on a metal base you will need to prime it first with a paint specifically made for metal.
The base coat paint also will need to be for metal and may be purchased at any paint store.
Spray paints are very helpful and work the best.

Let your imagination go with these!

Chandeliers are such a wonderful way to bring charm into a child's room!
You can purchase new or vintage chandelier bodies.
If painting the body make sure to use a primer and paint specifically made for metal.
I recommend you first tape off any wiring to protect from your spray paint.

Because the chandeliers are accents you can use brighter color choices.
Chandelier shades can be painted with acrylic or craft paints. Add to the fun with beaded trim, jewels, crystal drops and silk flowers to the shade and to the chandelier body which are best stuck on with
a hot glue gun.

Have fun with your painted lamps, shades and chandeliers!

It's these little "accents" that not only bring lighting into a room but charm and warmth!

Oh my!



Chandelier bodies
Brown's Lampshades- (lamp & chandelier shades) - (brownslampshades.com)
Homedepot - homedepot.com
Lamp bases
Beaded, fringe trim
Ribbons, trim

Marsha Bowers of Zulim Bowers Designs
Marsha is an artist who specializes in fine & decorative art,
which include murals, wall hangings,
trompe loeil, painted furniture, painted ceramic tile, fine art paintings and
children's painted furniture, accessories and whole room themes
All artwork and article are copyrighted by the artist
Marsha Bowers
Zulim Bowers Designs - Exquisite Painted Designs